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About Us

Talent development concept
Knowing what people use and doing their best
Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and a strategic resource. The core of the talent strategy is to train people, attract people, use people, and excavate people. The company advocates the concept of employing people as "characteristics first, and merits merits". The first assessment of personnel selection, appointment, promotion, etc. is the staff's loyalty, trustworthiness, dedication, dedication, responsibility and teamwork. Tailor-made, unconstrained, employing the best of people, doing their best, focusing on training, improving quality, building a systematic, scientific, competitive system for selecting, employing, educating, and retaining people, encouraging and inspiring employees Entrepreneurial spirit, giving full play to the opportunities for talent, so that the use of knowledge, use their talents.


Career Development
The company pays attention to the growth and development of employees and the career planning of employees. It is committed to providing employees with a good career development channel, breaking the standard of employing people who only talk about academic qualifications and qualifications, encouraging employees to actively participate in the job campaign, implementing bold promotion, and truly doing To the able, the flat, and the mediocre. According to the job quality model, the company has designed multiple promotion career development channels for the development of employees.
employee training
In order to provide employees with useful guidance and rapid growth in their work, and to create a good atmosphere and cooperation, the company combined employees with qualifications to create a full range of training projects and team communication activities, designed a set of online training, offline A training system that combines training, in-house training, and external training as a supplement.
◆ Induction training system;
◆ On-the-job skills upgrading training system;
◆ Management leadership training system;
◆ Other special training:
Education promotion: In order to encourage employees to continuously improve their own culture and business level, the company has issued a series of powerful incentives for employees with educational qualifications. The company fully reimburses related training expenses.
Promotion of professional title skills: The title qualification is a key factor in the identification of employees' skills. The company attaches great importance to the promotion of the employee's professional title skills. In order to effectively motivate employees to participate in the promotion of title skills, the company gives full reimbursement of related certification expenses.
Remuneration and benefits
In order to attract, motivate and retain outstanding talents and achieve a win-win situation for both companies and employees, the company provides employees with a compensation and welfare system that is externally competitive and internally fair, and closely formulates and effectively implements relevant remuneration policies around the company's operating principles, and timely adjusts and Improve the company's compensation system.








Salary   Accommodation   Staff Activity Center   Unions    
Industry-leading salary structure system, and annual salary increase. Marketing system employees have generous bonuses.   The company provides free work meals and beautiful environment for staff quarters.   The company has established a staff activity center for employees, and badminton courts, table tennis, and basketball courts are all available.   In order to meet the needs of employees' work and life, the company has established a trade union organization to ensure the protection of employees' rights and work life issues.












Vacation   Home leave   Five insurances and one gold    
All employees enjoy the national legal annual leave.   University graduates can enjoy home leave.   In order to fully protect the rights and interests of all employees, the company not only pays 5 insurances and 1 gold for all employees, but also fully invests in commercial insurance such as work accident extension accident insurance, personal accident insurance, and business travel accident insurance, which effectively improves employees' sense of security and well-being.