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About Us


Payment and compensation
1. Exceptional benefits of six insurances and one fund;
2. Free accommodation (2 persons/room) and working meals;
3. National statutory holidays, paid annual leave;
4. Regular health examination;
5. Festival and high temperature compensations and the like.
8. Employees from non-local areas can be reimbursed the cost of visiting families;
7. Government housing subsidies (not less than RMB 100,000.);
6. A complete training mechanism and tuition subsidies for further education (up to RMB 100,000).
Employment process
Any job candidate shall go through the process of application, on-campus publicity, prequalification assessment, re-exam, approval, conclusion of employment contract and enrollment before he or she is employed as a member of the company.
Contact us
Tel: 0512-63277856 (recruiting professional)
CV Email: (E-mail format: Position + Name + Professional)
Company headquarters address: 1788 National Road, Wuhu Economic Development Zone, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China